Michele Pierce Burns and Danson Mandela Wambua

"Danson is 9-years old, nearly non-verbal and autistic, these words are Danson's blessing for the world..."

This book represents a selection of Danson's writings from February 2008 to June 2008. Unless otherwise noted, all words were spelled out on his alphabet board. We considered whether to edit the misspellings in Danson's poetry and came to the conclusion that we should leave them as written to give the reader the most authentic sense of his work.

- Michele Pierce Burns

Video - Larry King Interview 7/14/08

Publisher: St. Lynn's Press

ISBN-13: 9780980028843

Educator, Advocate for Autistic Children and Mom, Michele Pierce Burns

"It is rare that any of us meets someone that we are instantly drawn to admire. Michele Pierce Burns is one of those people that provided that rare experience for me. Her love of and her commitment to her son Danson, her passionate stand about the work she does on behalf of children living with autism and her honesty about what it takes to live that commitment and to generate that passion everyday, inspires me to challenge myself about what is possible".

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