Inside The Book

The only editing has been the addition of punctuation for clarity and putting the capital letters from the alphabet board into upper and lower case and in a few rare instances we have suggested in brackets the words we believe he intended. The eloquence of his thoughts addresses our misconceptions about autism and the inner life of those who live with it. The mistakes reflect the simple fact that Danson is, after all, only eight.

I saw a man in plain life making stars into gold for Mom.

It was God.

Because he loves you.

I now have a master who is God

And I live in the light.

It is hot and my little body is so tired.

I can’t rest at all.

I need to keep writing holy stories for the world.

So many lives will fly away. (in the book on page 7)

In ancient Hungary there lived a boy. He could imitate the sounds of ocean waves, thunder and rain. He fooled poor shepherds by making thunder noise and old folks by making ocean noise and no one knew how talented he was. People thought it was supernatural. He would laugh at them. He was sitting one day on a tree branch and saw some soldiers. He looked and they were coming to attack. He immediately made a loud thundering noise that made a lasting impact on the horses. They dropped the soldiers and ran backwards. The boy made a sound now of storm and chased all the soldiers. The shepherds saw everything. They told others. Finally the king came to know and made him a general. End. (in the book on page 19)