Advance Praise For This Book

...Danson is more than a prophet - he is what this world needs...this is the voice that is going to change the lives of all the children of need - not only autistic, all children born into negativity and violence.

- Dr. Willam H.Cosby Jr.

Entertainer, Educator, and Philanthropist

"This is brilliant work; it's a window into a deep soul. Danson is a modern-day Rumi. His writing is stunning and beautiful, like his person."

- Susan L. Taylor

Founder of National Cares Mentoring Movement

Editor-in-Chief Emeritus of Essence Magazine

“Danson Mandela Wambua is an amazing young boy…he has lovingly cracked the door to his inner universe and let us peek in at his hiding place.  What you will discover, as I did, is truly and undeniably astounding.”

- Suzanne Wright

Co-Founder of Autism Speaks

I'm so blown away by the depth of thought and feeling in such a young life!   I wonder if autism somehow speeds up the spiritual, analytical and emotional development of a person because they can talk to themselves more easily than talking to others....

- Nancy J. Taylor, Esq.

Entertainment Attorney

 “When an extraordinary educator becomes the mother of an autistic child, all of us are given a chance to learn in an entirely new way. This remarkable book is a gift to all children who learn, feel and grow differently.”

- Carolyn Olivier

Former Educational Director of The Hello Friend/ Ennis William Cosby Foundation

“Thank you, Danson, for your words and your wisdom. You are a gift to the universe. You have a unique ability to open people’s hearts and minds. You create a space for God to come in and do His work. With Gratitude –”

- Makeda Mays Green

Director of Education and Research Digital Media-Sesame Workshop

“What can be said but to read it again…and pause…and read it again. What child is this? Blessing, blessed. So painfully, sweetly wise before his years, because of his years. The poems are wondrous. And all who have loved Danson into this writing share in the grace of this wonder.”

- Rev. Josephine Cameron

Pastor Emerita of Riverdale Presbyterian Church, Bronx, NY

“Amazing, astounding and beautiful – that these words are coming from an 8-year-old. And not just any 8-year-old, but one living with autism. Here is a child leading us to truth. It makes me feel wonderful. As Danson says, ‘Nothing is a mistake.’”

- Kenneth A. McKanders, JD

General Counsel, Eastern Michigan University

“What a gift...Danson’s is a healing voice, a voice of hope awakening all of us to live beyond normal – to ‘Live life like we mean it!’ Thank you, Danson, for your wisdom and courage. I am inspired!”

- Carolyn McKanders, MA, MSW

Spiritual teacher and Co-Director of the Center for Adaptive Schools, Detroit, MI

“Danson’s work means so much, not only for families with autism, but as an uplifting self-help lesson – by an 8-year-old, let alone with autism!”

- Ginger Donnan

Ginger Donnan Events, Jersey City, NJ

“Danson’s words are astounding, and his spirit is divine. He has so much to teach us all! With the unwavering faith, support, and dedication of so many who love him, Danson has been able to reveal the wisdom, sensitivity and wit that would otherwise have stayed locked inside his incredible mind.”

- Carole Evans

Personal life coach

Insightful Pathways Flagler Beach, FL

Utterly breathtaking, where none of my words can express or form sounds to say the experience I had in reading "Danson." Yet no words are necessary when a heart can sing a song of connectivity. After reading "Danson", I have come away with much of the same awe, wonder and joy as Danson speaks of - The book - no, not the book, but rather Danson and you have marked a spot forever in my mind. There is something for you and I to do together in our common work. To Danson, his world, and your innate sense of how to encourage him forward - you are both an inspiration... I still sense Danson may take the shape of words on his lips and one day express the sound. Even if not, however, his voice is loud and clear.

- Keri Bowers

Filmmaker Normal People Scare Me: A film About Autism

and The Sandwich Kid: A film anout Sibilings & Disabilities

I LOVE IT!!! Danson  is one of the top 3 teachers/mentors in my life! Your dialogue is so serene and powerful at the same time. You both have God-courage, after reading I feel like you are my new Best Friends!!!

- Louis Mitchell

Senior Character Designer

Sesame Workshop

WOW......WOW!!!! Danson the EXTRAORDINARY prince!!! And............I will have the privilege to join his extraordinary journey! I am so proud of you and Danson.

God put you in my path and I thank him everyday for that. I have and will continue to learn so much from you and I can't even imagine how much Danson will be teaching me as we work together.

- Lynn Gonzalez

Speech and Language Pathologist

Celebrate the Children

Thank you so much for sharing Danson's beautiful, profound poetry with the world. How wonderful that he has a mother who can look through the mask of autism, and see who he really is.

- Carolyn Jackson

Creative Designer

Flaghouse Inc.